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by Winter Park, August 26, 2016

Mountain biking in Colorado is definitely a fun sport that virtually anyone with average abilities can take part in. The terrain can however, be intimidating for first timers but it doesn’t have to be. There are a couple of simple basics to keep in mind to make your biking experience both enjoyable and safe.


This is undoubtedly one of the most important areas of biking apart from staying on the bike. A little judgement goes a long way in braking effectively and safely. Remember that more weight on the tire translates to better braking power. When going down hill, the front brakes work best to avoid skidding. It is however important to press the brakes gently to avoid flying over the handlebars. In addition to this, shifting your weight to the rear wheel and gently pressing the back brakes together with the front helps give you better control and balance during braking.

Going uphill

Many first-time bikers dread going uphill simply because of the energy needed to accomplish the task. Ease up on the pedal and shift to a lower gear. The specific gear you choose depends on the steepness of the climb and the terrain. Loose mountain terrain requires you to stay seated during the climb to increase traction and avoid the rear tire from spinning out.

You may have to lean forward on especially steep hills. This is important if you feel the front of the bike pop up. Sliding frontward on the saddle and leaning over the handlebars helps to keep you grounded by adding more weight on the front wheel.

Winter Park Mountain Lodge Mountain BikingGoing downhill

Relax and keep your body loose and keep a firm, controlled grip on the handlebars. Use your body to steer, particularly the shoulders and keep your elbows bent to absorb shock from the bumps.

Don’t think too much about steering and instead allow your body to show the bike the direction to go. Rise above the saddle on bumpy descents to allow your knees and legs to absorb the sock. Keep the pedals parallel to the ground to avoid catching on logs and small rocks. Keep focused and concentrate on the task ahead and keep your eyes open for rocks, roots, grooves, bumps and holes.

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