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Tips for Planning Your Idyllic Winter Wedding

by Winter Park, July 30, 2016

Most people do not consider winter weddings but with the right planning and events organizer, you can have the wedding of your dreams even during winter! There are some important areas you should look into to ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams.

Choose complementing lighting and color palette

Because most weddings happen close to the holidays, it is important to seriously consider your choice of color. The idea is for the wedding to feel like part of the winter season rather than referencing the holidays. Ivory and elegant white tones work well especially when paired with antique gold. Take advantage of candles because they enhance the perfect winter setting.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.57.43 PMPlan for the weather

As appealing and idyllic as winter weddings sound, it is important to remember that the weather can unexpectedly turn harsh. Play out worst case scenarios in your head such as snow, rain and wind and make contingency plans to counter these factors. Keeps your guest’s comfort in mind including how long they have to walk to get from the ceremony to the reception. Planning ahead of time increases the chances of a perfect wedding no matter what plans Mother Nature might have for the day.

Choice of winter fashion

How the bride looks is of course a big part of weddings and more so during winter. The season presents a unique opportunity to experiment with fashion including cardigans, scarves and boots. Aim to create a winter-inspired twist to your traditional wedding look. Include elements that complement the season such as curly willow, thistle, soft grey leaves and coffee berries especially because lush and colorful flowers aren’t available.

We’re here to make your day, well, PERFECT!

There isn’t a better place in Colorado for you and your guests to celebrate your wedding than Winter Park Mountain Lodge. Hosting the Moffat Station Restaurant and Brew Pub, our unique mountain getaway provides elegant guest rooms, plus amenities that include an indoor pool, hot tubs, sauna, and an exercise room. Call us today to book your incredible wedding this winter. Chat with us here.

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