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Safety Tips While Boating, Water skiing, Sailing, & Canoeing

Safety Tips While Boating, Water skiing, Sailing, & Canoeing

by Winter Park, August 19, 2016

Boating and watersports in general offer a good time for the entire family. It is however prudent to be safe especially where small children, the elderly and the mobile impaired is concerned. 

Always wear a personal flotation device

The number one rule of being out in the water in any kind of floatation device or boat is to always wear a PFD. The same applies to a life jacket. The reason for this is that you are can remain safe in the event you become separated from the boat.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 11.52.54 AMGet familiar with your equipment

It is equally important that you know the full capabilities of your water tubing equipment. Read the manufacturers recommendations thoroughly and follow them to the letter. Some of the important areas to consider include the tubing capacity where number of riders, weight and size, maximum towing speeds and age limits are concerned.

Designate a spotter

While the boat driver focuses on oncoming obstacles, it is important to have another individual, preferably one with good watersport experience to act as the spotter. His responsibility is to look out for anyone falling off the tube or other accidents or hazards that may not be immediately obvious to the driver.

Drive responsibly

The boat driver should be alert, sober and well aware of the boating regulations and rules. Keep a safe distance from other boats and be considerate and respectful of others on the lake. Keep a keen eye out for water hazards including buoys, docks and rocks.

Use a good quality tow line

It is important to make sure that the water tube is securely tethered to the boat using a good quality towline. Inspect the towline for signs of fraying, wear and tear before take off and replace the line if necessary.

Confirm with the rider before you start

Ensure that the rider is ready before the boat takes off. The rider should be properly positioned on the tube and has gripped the line firmly. Where multiple passengers are involved, each one is responsible for balancing his weight accordingly to ensure that everyone stays safe on the tube.

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