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How to Plan the Perfect Fishing Trip

How to Plan the Perfect Fishing Trip

by Winter Park, August 6, 2016

A fishing trip can be the perfect bonding experience whether it is with a friend or family member. A perfect fishing trip can make a great story, but the memories of a bad fishing trip last just as long. You need to plan in advance to increase your chances of having the idyllic fishing trip.

Choose the right spot

First, you will want to get your hands on a topographic map of the area you plan to fish in. A quick Google search can usually help you find good free ones. You will want to look for places where a topographic line crosses a river, a stream, or a brook. Ensure that your fishing party can easily access the area you have chosen for your trip. You can expect to go off the beaten path if you are looking for a great fishing location so ensure that your vehicles and anything you tow behind them can access the location.

Know what you are fishing for

Get a report about the types of fish that regularly get caught in your chosen destination. Research on fishing tricks and tips that are particular to the kind of fish you want to catch. Showing up with the wrong kind of bait is a great way to have an unsuccessful fishing trip.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 11.49.45 AMBring the right gear

Make sure that you have the proper gear for the kind of fish that you are targeting. Make sure that you have the best bait for your targeted species and a good quality reel.

Get on the water

Get a boat and get out into the water. Rent a boat for the time you expect to be fishing and simply go out there to try your luck. You won’t have much success or fun sticking to the shoreline.

Have a good time

The whole point of going for a fishing trip is to have fun. Don’t focus too much on catching the best fish, but rather enjoy the great outdoors with some good company.

Winter Park Mountain Lodge is surrounded by some great fishing areas suited for all kinds of fishing parties. Ultimately, the location of your trip will largely determine the kind of time you have.

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