Moffat Station

271047_211352618907970_140394682670431_565409_3993859_nOverlooking an incredible wonderland of soaring mountains and magnificent pines, Moffat Station Restaurant and Brew Pub is truly a spectacular place to eat, drink and be merry. Moffat’s fame has existed ever since explorers and settlers first came to exchange their animal pelts, gunpowder and maps for food and brew. Adorned with old west artifacts and memorabilia, the ambiance is inviting and inspiring—and so is the food. Join us to dine on buffalo stew and other outstanding local dishes, and wash it all down with our authentic microbrews, lagers, stouts and ale.

Hours of Operation
Moffat Station is only open during seasonal times/hours. For more information, please contact Moffat Station or Winter Park Guest Services on its availability.

Moffat Station: 970.726.6331
Winter Park Guest Services: 800.726.3340

Seasonal Hours
Breakfast:                  7 am – 10 am
Bar & Appetizers:     3 pm – 10 pm
Dinner:                       5 pm –   9 pm


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